My ex started calling me "baby" again? Is this his way of a showing he changed his mind?

We were 3 years in a long distance relationship. We tried closing the distance but it didn't work and we didn't if it ever will, everything was one big maybe. So 4 months ago he said he can't do the distance anymore and he broke up with me. I am 6 months away to getting a 1 year experience at my current job and after that I have good chances to get one job that I wanted in his country. I tried convincing him to wait but he just had a mental break down with everything, it was literally a decision made over night. Well anyways, we ended on good terms. First few months we barely talked because I wanted to get over him. Despite the effort, I never did. So few weeks ago he started calling me more often, almost every day. He asks me about my day, about what I'm doing, all the usual things he did while we were dating. He asked me to play this online multiplayer game together (we are both gamers, that's how we met) and I accepted it. It is so fun, like good all days! He has bunch of buddies to play with but he asked me. The first time he said "baby" was in the heat of the moment and I know it was out of habbit. I laughed about that a little bit, it was nice, and he laughed back. Then he said it again, and again, and now he regulary calls me like that. He teases me and I tease him. It's like when we first met. He also asked me if I have this one picture of me and him so send him, because his PC crashed and he lost everything. He said he really wants that picture. I didn't asked why. I didn't asked anything about his behaviour because I think it's just gonna push him away. He is the dumper so I think it's on him to say it straight if he wants back, not me. He sounds so happy with me, it's been awhile since we had such a great time. He keeps sending me links of some songs that I used to send to him in the past. I have a feeling he regrets dumping me and that he doesn't know how to deal with the mess he made.


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  • he wants you back.


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