Issue/Confused about ex boyfriend?

Okay, so I had told my ex boyfriend (Jeremy) that I couldn't talk to him anymore, because I still really like him and talking to him ( He has a new girlfriend ) made it worse cause it only made me want him back.

Yesterday after school, he's standing like 30 feet away from me, and he starts texting me. This is our conversation...

Jeremy: "I'm not gonna lie, I don't like not talking to you..."

Samantha: "Jeremy...I'm so confused.."

Jeremy: " I'm sorry...Do you want to talk? In person?"

Samantha: "I'm over here. If you want to talk then come talk."

Jeremy: "Do you? And I don't know how Shelby(gf) would react."

Samantha: I don't know Jeremy...She'd probably be mad...

Jeremy: "My dads' here. "

&& That was that.

Did he just want to talk, or am I right with my gut instinct of there being a hidden message in those texts..?


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  • what you end up doing?


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