I just broke up with my boyfriend, but I l like his friend. halp?

Me and my boyfriend were having problems since like 3months ago. i would talk to our mutual guy friends and they would tell me that he doesn't deserve me and that i should break up with him but ust ignored them all, until one of his better friends, to not say best, made me realize everything... so i did break up with him, we're still friends now. A few days after thoe this friend that helped me realize everything invited me out with a couple of friends and while we were at the restaurant he would get really close and before the night ended he told me he's liked me for the longest but he's just held it off because i was dating other people and we kissed... I've liked him too but i didn't think we had a chance i dont know what to think really, its his friend and theve know each other for the longest, plus my ex asked me if he changed that if i wouldgive him another chance? i dont know what to do, halp?


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  • If you do go for his friend I'd wait a few months because it is the ultimate betrayal and expect there to be shit, but obviously the longer you leave it the more chance your ex may not have as strong feelings for you anymore.


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  • His friend told you to break up so he had a window with you himself..
    That was his motive all along..

    • If you have to pick between the two, pick your ex...
      The friend has a deceptive character

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