Just broke up with a guy I'm still in love with. What should I do?

Basically I just broke up face to face with a guy I really really love. Things haven't been working out between us due to outside stressors and insecurities on both parts. Ultimately I couldn't take anymore of being an emotional wreck all the time and I called him to dinner to have a face to face chat. I told him I wouldn't text or call him anymore or try to stay in his life. He was really accepting of my decision and he kept asking me if I didn't want him to text me anymore to which I said yes. He said he would try not to and if he ever does to ignore him. We talked for a long time and I cried. He seemed really hurt that I was doing this. I asked him if he had anything to say or any questions for me and he said he did but he couldn't get it all out. I was bummed because I thought that was the moment he would fight for me. Anyways when we were saying bye I was reluctant to even hug him bc I didn't want to burst into tears again, but he seemed hurt by that so I gave him a hug. I could tell he wanted to kiss but I felt that would've been regressive. His hug felt really sad and depressed whereas I gave him a firm and hearty hug. After I drove off I felt really confident, but now I feel like death. Should I weather through this and just accept that he is ready to accept its over. I don't know what to do. I literally felt like he was the love of my life...


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  • You may have wanted him to fight for you but you ending it shows you didn't fight either. It's not a time to test whether someone loves you enough to fight because everyone handles that situation differently and letting you go may have been his way of showing love. You said that's what you wanted and this isn't the movies. I did the same thing for the same reasons and thought the same way and now I am heartbroken because he is the person I would want to be with forever. If you feel he is the love of your life then be with him.

    • thank you so much for your response. I felt like complete sh*t after we drove away and basically cried all night when I wrote this pose. I think I need to do what the person above you also mentioned which is strip everything away and go back to square one and see if this has a real chance at working out and stop acting like this is a romantic comedy. I did end up texting him the next day and expressing that I was really not in a good space and asked if he thought if we could see each other again. He said that it might be a bad idea for him and might do more harm than good, and that he was already having a hard time with all of this anyway. He said to give him time... so I'm just waiting at this pt. I do feel much better tho since talking to him and saying I feel miserable about how we parted ways..
      Thank you

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  • Tell him how your feeling and perhaps be on a probation period where you strip everything back to square one when you first met. Only meet and go on dates like when you first met.. Rekindle that spark and in the mean time it gives you both enough space to work out your insecurities and work on being happier as an individual. Then when your both ready you can launch back into a proper relationship hopefully happier this time

  • tell him how you feel!


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