Why I am like this?

I like to talk with girls on Facebook. I send request to girls , no matters they are stranger for me. When they accept my request , I message them first by saying 'Hi' . I feel good when chatting with them , and always wish they send me message first instead I be the first to them message .
But why the hell I don't know , when they message me first I feel bore to talk with them and turn off chat.


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  • Facebook is a Huge Social Media Site here, dear, where you have your own perfect Profile and can have the free privilege of Finding and Requesting... Girls and guys as friends.
    You enjoy the challenge, the chase of I send request to girls, no Matter...'And with this, it's fun to see if they 'Accept' and if they do, you also find it's Fun to chat in the box below. It's like climbing to the top of the cherry tree, being able to try and Pick out of the Cherry bunch.
    However, when the tables have turned, and they push a button First, you lose Interest because you are Not the Grabber now, they are in Control on their own end and you find It... Boring.
    It's a game like with you. However with Facebook, they do have Other more Fun games you can play and can share this with Others where it keeps the friendship going and flowing.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for allowing me to share.:)) xxoo

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  • You like the attention you get from them. Even if you don't want anything long term it's nice to have someone want to talk to you. I'm the same way. I used to do that all the time, accept with instagram I never wanted to permanently talk to them and half the people wouldn't even respond and I felt like crap after. It's how I handled breakups, or being single.


What Guys Said 2

  • You like chasing women thrill of the hunt and all that

  • Could be the thrill of the chase syndrome


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