What should I do, should I take him back or remain friends?

There is this boy in my school that I’ve been talk to since October. We have been going out for a month or so. In November, one of my friends told me that a girl in my class had been dating him. I kind of thought that could be true, because he would by-pass me and go to her. Later that week I found out that he was dating somebody else for 2 week. The girl found out about me, so she confronted him about it. When I walked pass them to go in my class he stopped me, shook his head and said "what ever she ask you, please say no". When she asked me if we did go out, I told her "no, we don't and never will". I lied to her, because I wanted her to find out the way I found out, to feel the way I felt. The next day he called and said he was sorry for everything that had happened. I told him that I didn’t care and I was fine with it and hung up on him. Two days later I found out that they had broke up and that she was dating his brother. The same day he called and said he was sorry again. I told him it was fine and asked if we could remain friends and start over because, I didn’t want an enemy, and we got off at a bad start. But now the girl thinks that I had something to do with their break up, Which I don't know how that is possible, because I was ignoring him at that time. When I asked the girl what she was talking about, she said that the reason they broke up was because he called her Raven (which is my name) more than 10 times. And that his brother said that he was so caught up in trying to talk to me to see why I was ignoring him, that he wasn’t really trying to spend time with her. I called one of my good boy friend to ask for advice, and he said to “stay away from him because if he did it once he’ll do it again”. When I called him 2 days later he said that he really missed me and wanted to get back together. What should I do? I don’t want to, but what if its going to be different from last time?


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  • first off, you should have told the girl yes when she asked, saying no just made you a part of it and made it seem like you were ok with that. you should not have told him it was fine because obviously it wasn't.

    you should definitely stay away from him. he lies to you, makes you lie for him, to his other girlfriend, then says he wants you back. right now it seems like he just wants you because he can't have you. he's already done it once and you've said its ok, most likely he will do it again.


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