If a guy breaks up with you because they lost feelings, will they ever want you back?

Well, me and ex boyfriend went out for 8 months. One day he come over my house, we were perfect, until he told me "I don't feel the same". After along while of pleading him to tell me what he meant by that, he finally told me that he lost feeling over me. I was at first shocked, but then when I comprehended what he had just said I felt like the world fell on top of me. I felt like I was in a nightmare. He said it was better if me and him were just best friends.so we broke up. After a while, me and him didn't really get along , and we were barely friends. Now if we talk all we say is hi and what's up and then bye. He really seems like he wants to be my friend,and he helps me out with my problems. Do you think he would ever want me back ?


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  • He seems confused, and probably expects that excitement that you first had with him, should last forever without any work, he may, or may not want you back, you just can't predict these things.


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