I can't tell if I am sad because we broke up or I really miss her?

my ex and I broke up 6 weeks ago.

since this has been our second break up (we dated for a year, took a 2 month break, dated again for 3 months) it is "easier" to get over than the last.

however, the first 4 weeks after our breakup has been pretty easy.

i haven't been that upset over her and I know our breakup was for the best.

now, however, its much tougher. I miss the fun we had and can't stop thinking about all the good times.

is this normal?

its just odd that for the first few weeks after we broke up I was totally OK with it, now I'm a little sad.

i can't tell if I'm sad cause we broke up or I actually miss her. I do think its for the best that we broke up, though.


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  • Hi! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. My boyfriend of 19 months and I broke up about a week ago, also for the better. Although I cried when we were breaking up, the next couple of days I felt fine and in a way relieved that we were not going to continue to have the problems we were having because now we were broken up. However, just recently like the last couple of days I have been feeling like you are. I just look back and remember the fun times we lived together full of love, and happiness. I think it is that I miss him and maybe that's why you are feeling the way you are. You are realizing that what you had with her was great and now you're missing her. Also for me, this time of the year is the one I love the most because I just get to be around the people I love and knowing that I'm not going to spend these days with him makes me sad. I think it is normal though, we just gotta understand that the break up was for the better and it's ok to miss those times. But I'm also wondering the same thing though, I feel the same. Its sad now but we will move on :)


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