Reasons to call it quits early in a relationship?

I'm the kind of 'it takes time to know someone', 'benefit of the duobt' kind of person but this hasn't been working well for me. Fed up and on a rant I'm compiling a lsit of legitimit reasons to say 'see you later'. Here are a few of mine, what are your?

- selfish behavior
- lying
- disrespect
- no foreplay
- superficial
- doesn't remember things you tell them about yourself (even if they were the one to ask)
- confusing details about you with another girl (why I don't date multiples)
- mismatched values
- mismatched interests
- not progressing anywhere, ins't making you part of their life nor showing moves to
- unearned distrust
I forgot reason number 1- It isn't fun anymore!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like a nice "pros & cons" list myself. It tends to polarize your self awareness.

    • Totally dude I keep a journal. That way you have on paper how things are really going when those pesky hormones set in.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Sarcastic cocky personality complete turn off
    Telling me about being pregnant to another man
    when it's all nothing but drama
    Secret addictions ( Alcohol, Drugs )
    Cheating on me

    • Yeah I love how some people describe themselves as funny when what they really mean is sarcastic passive aggressive... Funny only to themselves.

    • Yeah i know the ones above it turn off to me hahaha

  • You're way past the reasonable threshold. Back up the dump truck and load him up.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you summed it up pretty well actually. If I had to add anything to that list, it would probably be something along the lines of creating a façade of himself. I guess that kind of counts as lying. For instance, saying something like "oh I would never do something like that" and then he ends up doing it (anything bad) pretty quickly anyway. Or for a more serious example, if he said that he has no tolerance for any kind of drug, yet I then find out that he has used drugs not too long ago, or that he's still a regular user. Basically if he tries to make himself seem like this perfect guy just to impress me and to appeal to my preferences, when in reality he is far from perfect and far from anyone I would actually consider dating. Like I said I guess this counts as lying, but it's a bit more specific.

    • Ha yeah well I can tolerate a little façade, we all try to put our best foot forward. Saying oh I eat so healthy then finding out he has a cookie problem is rather more cute than damning. But yeah the examples you gave are pretty much lying. That's the quickest way out my door, especially the volunteered lie. Like for instance he offers up he is anti-drugs when you didn't even bring up the issue. If he smokes pot from time to time and tries to skirt it when I say I hate pot smokers on a third date I can tolerate that if everything else is in order he isn't necessarily a liar But offering up lies= liar

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