WHAT Are some signs where you can tell if your ex wants to get back together with you?

Guy's HELP!!!


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  • I have only gotten back together with an ex once (my first and thus far only love). she asked me to coffee and was being very touchy and flirty, even before on texting she was being extremely flirty. I just asked her out again, we started from scratch with a date. It worked out for 2 years after that, but we ended up breaking up anyway, very different reasons from when she first dumped me though

    • Okay we'll what signs so guy's exhibit when they want to get back together?

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    • Well I have never been friends with an ex or wanted to be... and why? because there were reasons for breaking up, you need to make sure those are truly sorted before you even think about getting back together..

    • Of course but Im saying that regular friends tease each other so is this a really good way to tell if they want you back or not?

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