She contacted me after 2months of silence. And now she ignores me again. What is the problem?

Last 2 months she just stopped/ignoring my calls and messages. It leaves me upset because our last conversation went really fine and she will suddenly act like that.

Last Saturday was birthday and she greeted me unexpectedly. It was late night when she said that. I was really surprised because I thought she totally broke off the contact and I thought she wants to rekindle things a bit. I replied "Hey thanks" and the next she replied just a smiley emoticon. I continued the conversation I said "How are you? I missed you". She saw my message the next day and she replied "I'm okay. :). Me too, by the way I'm sorry" (first thing came to my mind is she's saying sorry for what happened last 2 months but maybe there's something else). I didn't respond immediately I waited 2hours before I did and I said "That's ok. I would like to talk to you on the phone. Can I give you a call? If that's okay to you" and she was not responding... until now. it's been three days. I don't know what should I feel. It's confusing that she will appear after 2months then starts to ignore again.

PS: I knew this girl for a year and 8months. I love her and I care for her a lot. She said she has feelings for me too. We're distanced for now. We live in the same country but it's about an hour of flight to her.


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  • i'd say she feels nervous givin u a call and she's not mad at u... it's been 2 months only, not a long-time actually... so she feels kinda nervous callin u after wot happened.

    i guess if i was u, i'd give it another text mentionin "there's no need to feel nervous"... and wotever happens after this...


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