What does it feel like to have your heart broken? Did I feel any different From most others?

I met this girl, and for really no reason at all. I fell in love with her. I guess I kind of liked spending time with her but she's wasn't as great as I made her out to be. But for some reason I was thinking and my emotions took over. I swear I think I was addicted to her when she was gone I felt almost extreme lonliness even though I usually have no problem being alone. When I was with her I felt amazing like I was high I never wanted it to end. I never really spent time with a girl and I was hooked. I think I just liked her because she was a girl with me we got along but she wasn't anything amazing. I didn't even have sex with her. Later I find out she's engaged. When I was spending time with her she was flirting I have no idea why she was. I didn't really like her at first. soon after she told me she was engaged she just kind acted like we never met even though we were really close. it was like torture For her to be so apathetic. For the next couple months I was sad every minute of everyday. I would have nightmares I couldn't sleep. I would wake Up and feel like my heart was literally coming out of my body. I cried and I never cry. I couldn't make myself be happy It was the worse I have ever felt it hurt in every cell of my body into my soul. my face broke out like it has never before. then a day after it hurt the most I felt like my normal self and all the feeling dissapeared. I still can't believe with everything I fought through a girl could do this to me. Is this what love feels like or am I just out there and fall harder than most.


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  • That's what a broken soul feels like

    • Yeah some closure would have helped but she just dropped me like I was nothing you have never felt this? it was crazy like the pain from emotions effected me physically im so scared to even talk to girls because of what happened I can't believe women have so much power over my emotions because usually im really tough

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    • i wasn't stalking or over needy i just really liked her. I know we got along well she would text me all night for some reason. She started talking to me in a more flirting way first. All the girls i know said she likes me. I felt she was into me so I'm really confused as to what i did wrong i can never really know what girls are thinking it confuses the hell out of me

    • She might also be confused by her own feelings. That's what her actions are suggesting.

      Thanks for MHO also. I really appreciate it๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • it's really nice to know u got over her... but wot make u change in just one day and made da feelin go away? it'd be nice to state this so other people will learn for u and get over their crushes after being heart-broken ;)

    • I always tries to not think about her anymore and don't think negative just look at what happened and try to look at the good. But one day I guess it really cliqued with in me to stop hurting I didn't do anything in that right. Thinking back im so happy it didn't work out with her but I still think about her everyday

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    • thanks

    • u r welcome!

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