Advice on letting go of a useless relationship?

I am ready to call it quits with this guy I have been on and off with for 3 years. In the beginning we were great. We lived together for a period if time as well. We had a coming apart with a huge argument a year ago and things haven't been the same since. He disappears for long periods of time. I will see he is active on social networks and liking other women's pictures and it angers me that if he has time to do that why can't he just send me a hi or give me a call? Every thing is on his schedule and since he works heavy shifts he will text me to let me know he wants to see me that same day and we will basically end up having sex.. mixed in with a few couply events in betweem then on my way I go to not hear from him until he's "free" and wants to see me. It seems as if instead of progressing we downgraded to friends with benefits. I've spoken to him in the past and he will try to be good for a couple days then go back go disappearing. I've wasted 3 years and I cannot continue being a doormat. Any advice and what to do or say?


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  • I know it's not that easy, believe me. Yes, the right thing to do is dump him. But even though people are saying it like it's the most obvious thing, it won't be easy at all. That doesn't mean that it won't be the right thing to do anyway.
    It seems like you're not even friends with benefits, to me you sound more like his booty call. If you guys were in a relationship before, this is a pretty disrespectful way to end that. So, close your eyes and try to imagine him sitting with his friends and going like "that girl? yeah I call her when I feel like getting some". Keep this thought in mind if you ever feel like you'll regret leaving him. You shouldn't in any case agree to be THAT girl, especially coming from a guy who use to respect you.
    So, in my opinion, you don't need to do or say anything to him. Just stop answering and stop waiting for him. It's the only way for him to respect you again, and for you to be able to live with yourself. Really, don't feel rude, you don't owe him any explanation. Just disappear like he does.
    And who knows, he might end up coming back. (don't take him back if he does!)


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  • ex means ex communicated.

    to stay is to disservice yourself.


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  • the last line says it all "I've wasted 3 years and I cannot continue being a doormat."
    dump him... why stay in a relationship which is causing harm to you?


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