Girls, best way to break up like a gentleman?

so first of all let me explain, its not me the one breaking up. but me and this girl kinda got off the way. we both love each other so much but there are a lot of shit from her side so i was like you get to choose cause i can't take it anymore..
lets say she choose us to end, would the best thing for me to do as a gentelman and as someone that still loves her is to just walk away? or talk about it? or explain again what she already knows? just dont wanna act wrong i definatly dont want us to end but its not my call.


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  • Just tell her you wished she didn't feel that way but she has made her feelings clear. That you wish her all the luck in the world because she deserves it and you wished things had worked out differently. If she loves you, she will stop you walking away... if not, then you got a lucky escape, you kept your dignity and you have done well :)

    • thank you so much!!! this what I'm going to do, i will update once it happens and I'm gonna pray that she stop me walking away :)

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    • then she tells me she is having the worst time and can't wait to get back.. he is always drunk and they are always fighting.. she facetimed me and was crying so hard.. and then she said she can't even kiss him cause she just imagine its me... i don't want to let her go but also can't continue doing this.. what do you think? and sorry for making you read all this i really appreciate it

    • I think you need to tell her to leave her boyfriend and then you will stay. This is not good for her, if she loves you she will leave...

  • Just try to talk to her about it and be there for her.. Most girls don't want a guy to say anything most of the time they just want their guy to listen to them and then hold them... If you end up being the one to have to break up with her do it in person. Not over the phone in any way unless its long distance then do it over Skype so she knows your emotions. Just tell her maybe y'all can try again later just that you will be there for her if she needs anything.


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