Do ex-boyfriends/girlfriends come back?

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me about 8 months ago and I was just wondering if you have experienced your ex's come back. I have not dated any other guy since the breakup and I am willing to wait for him, but is it worth the time? Have you experienced an ex coming back after he/she has broken up with you? Or did you ever come back to your ex that you broke up with?


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  • Why are you wasting your time? It didn't work the first time. He left you. He's been out banging some 19 year old blonde bimbo. If she gets tired of him, and he comes knocking on your front door, don't let him in. Round two will be a repeat of the first round and it will end the same.

    I have reconciled with an ex and married her, We were divorced two years later.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My Ex broke up with me and I was so heart broken and tried sending him texts and he ignored me so I left him alone then one day out of the blue he contacts me and we may get back together. So yes it could and does happen but only if he still loves you and cares about you.


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  • Don't wait, move on with your life...
    Three reasons while they come back..
    1. They get curious and are generally re-interested ( rare as fuck )
    2. Couldn't find better
    3. Desperate and can find nothing..
    Just live your life, find better yourself, if he comes around you have another option


What Girls Said 1

  • That hasn't been my experience, and even when they do come back, it doesn't tend to work out. People break up for a reason, and the problems they had originally usually resurface.


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