Should I wait for him or let him go? I can't stop thinking about him because there was no official end. Any advice, please?

We were in a relationship for about 4 months. Everything was always like a dream, it was like we were meant to be together. Never had a fight, always everything cool and happy... until he started acting distant. He stopped saying that he missed me, stopped trying to meet me, and everything I loved about him just faded in a few weeks. When asked him what was going on, he just said that things of his past with his ex girlfriend were kind of haunting him, he said he felt bad for the way he ended up with her (they broke up like 3 months before he knew me) and said that was feeling depressed because he knew he was not appreciating me enough and asked me for a time break. I did it. I was very patient. A month later, we talked, and I realized that he was still saying all the same bull sh**, nothing changed. So I kind of broke up with him, I said I couldn't live like that anymore and went home by myself. Now, it's been 15 days with zero contact. Last time he did he sent me a message inviting me for coffee and I told him that after all that he had done, he needed to make a little more effort than that. We never see each other because we don't live at the same city.

I still love him but he was an idiot and only thought about himself, I never pictured him this selfish...

What should I do?


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  • Its not really selfish honestly... Sometimes its really hard to get over an ex especially if they ended badly. Just listen to him and try to help him through it and make him feel better. Even if it is just for coffee.

    • The problem is that he was actually building a future with me very seriously. I always tried to keep things slow but he always said he loved me so much and that I was everything he always dreamed of. Never talked about his ex, actually only told me once that she was never good for him. And now, out of the blue, he crushes my heart, when I finally started to feel like in a real, serious relationship :( I can't do that.

    • Sometimes, time is just the best sweet heart even if it is just being there for him in the time of hurt

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