What do guys like in a girl?

what are the things that you guys look for in a girl when you want to start a very long-term relationship?...everyone has different opinions I'm just curious lol... be honest!oh and what are the things that drive you crazy in a girl(the good crazy)lol


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  • ...lol...so many things. I will even tell you what NOT to do.

    What do guys look for in a serious relationship? >>> link , >> link ,

    >> link

    What are the major turnoffs for guys? >>> link

    What does your dream girl look like? >>> link

    Virginity -- do you guys consider it a plus/minus? link

    A real story directly related to virginity. Safe to say none of us want to be in his situation, ever. Don't do that to any of us. ... lol...

    >>> link

    • Lol dude, that's a lot of info thanks any way a lot of help!!!!!!

    • ...lol....not at all. Good luck to finding the guy you want!

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