Should I move on from him?

He cheated on me with my best friend, they started dating behind my back. My best friend and I made up already, I forgave her. Me and the guy had no commitments but I loved him through and through, I stayed loyal to him even if we had no assurance, just an MU relationship. He understood my actions otherwise though, he thought I wanted him to move on because there were times I wouldn't talk to him, would ignore him, but that was because I didn't know what to do. Did I really want him to move on? Sometimes I did, but mostly I didn't. I wanted to show him how much I loved him but I was scared so I just kept telling him I loved him.

But I found out about him and my best friend and he admitted that he went on a few dates with her, I got so angry at him for that. Even at my best friend, but we've talked already and we're both friends again. As for the guy, we still talk every now and then, sometimes I can't help but call him an asshole and a jerk for what he did but he's still trying to be a nice guy, which he really is. He just seems confused.

I still love him now and he's trying really hard to apologize, but should I move on?

*I'm a girl by the way, I'm just using my friend's account.


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  • Move on Now here, dear. He is a loser, Cheat Sheet, and even had the goalies with your Bestie to do The... Restie. You can never trust him again and it will always be a full circle problem pattern of him Repeating History with some other girl, even Another friend Indeed.
    I know you 'Still love him,' but he is poison in your life and filled with strife as well.
    Sure, 'Mr. Nice guy,' which most Players and Slayers tend to be. However, you found out what Piece of Work this Pompous ass is wearing and he is this Were wolf in Sheep's clothing.
    Move on, you deserve better. This dog is in the dog house and has buried his last bone, as far as I am concerned.
    Good luck. xx

  • If the guy is already with your bestfriend, then I'd suggest to move on.


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