Ex girlfriend won't tell me if I'm the father?

Ok so me and my girlfriend (ex) had unprotected sex with me. Stupid I know. Anways she cheated on me with her ex boyfriend. and couple days either before or after not sure. But we stopped talking in February, and she still has me blocked on fb. I did the no contact for 5 months to see if she would say something, but she didn't , so I texted her saying that I hope she doesn't still have a grudge against me, and didn't text her after that, left it alone, she replied that she doesn't like me/hate me? I'm not sure. And her new boyfriend (the ex) threatend me , telling me he's gunna fight me if I ask her another question. Would I be in the wrong , just to ask her if she knows who's it is. And if it is his, why wouldn't she have told me months ago? So confused need help? How would I ask her that, without making me look like the bad guy here, because I gave her space when she asked, and I also needed time to figure out my shit aswell; but should I ask her? After all this time? I'm hopping she doesn't explodes and cause harm on the baby, but I really need an answer cause she's only 3 months away and I still have no clue where I stand in all this!!!


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  • This is the worst thing I've heard all day. I am so sorry you have to go through such shit from a girl who has no scruples. The things is, she may not even know herself who the father is, and therefore doesn't want to upset the rest of her pregnancy with this stress. Like a lot of women in this case, they do the old fashioned way of determining by seeing who the baby looks like after birth. Don't think her boyfriend now isn't wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, you are verging on harassment charges if you keep it up, and that's the last thing you want, if you discover the child is yours because it will limit your involvement with the child.

    I sincerely hope this child is in fact not yours and you can carry on with your life and forget these two. Just because she's blocked you on Facebook doesn't mean that after the child is born she's not going to put public photos up of the baby for you to see for yourself. But get others' opinions too, because sometimes you might see or not see what you do or don't want to in resemblance. Just make a sock account and either search for her or put her profile's URL in and take a look for updated baby pictures.

    I'm not sure if it's an option where you live, but you might also be able to get a court ordered paternity test done afterward. Until then, I'm sorry but it sounds like it's going to be three months of hell waiting for this. For now, you must protect yourself before it gets worse. Good luck.

    • It's so messed up, like. I have the strangest feeling that it's mine 100% almost like you know when that bug is going to land on you, and my fear is, is that what if it's mine after all and she doesn't want me In my child's life plus have captin cocknuckles try to raise my kid

    • You have to start thinking that you'll cross that bridge when you come to it. Twelve weeks isn't that far away. Also, I don't know where you are, but I'll assume it's the US. You have a Fathers Rights Advocacy in almost every state. Contact them and find out your rights. You can even do it right now with this information about wondering about paternity. They'll give you guidance on what to do.

      I'm not sure if this site is helpful, but there are links, emails and phone numbers for many places in the US, Canada, and some are listed by country - only because I'm not sure where you are, but it's a start to get some of your questions answered about what your rights are and how you can obtain a paternity test and when.

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  • The way i see it, if she doesn't want you involved thats a win because she won't look for support from you. So just forget about it dude.


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  • Maybe she doesn't know herself. But if she is with him, she probably thinks it's his. You'll need to get a DNA test to find out.

    • I honestly don't she would even let me get one, she refused the last time I asked her

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