Should I be mad at my ex boyfriend who is courting me again?

Should I be mad at him for still hanging out and talking to this ex of his who has been trying to 'wreck' (and has) our relationship? He dumped her and ever since he got with me, she has been always trying to get in the picture. He took her out of his "life" (as in letting people know he hangs out with her other than her family) but I found out recently that they still hang out and she's been trying to get back with him but he still doesn't add her back to any of his social networking sites (where his family and friends are connected). I'm still there and he has always added me back because he tells me 'he still loves me'. I don't know if I should just cut the cord and let him go as he is an ex--- but he still makes it apparent to our mutual friends and his family that he is going out with me (but we're not exclusive).

I recently saw some pictures a few months back where he hung out with that same girl he apparently 'hated' and said he never hung out with her... I want to point it out but again- he is now my ex.

I don't really know what to do. He tells me to trust him. And I did catch him but he told me he denied it to me because he knew I'd be mad. Then he finally admit the truth he has hung out with her. (I really don't know why...) I still love him but part of me hates him for lying and betraying me. (I don't like her for the fact that she had threatened me countless times online when she knew we were going out... well she got her wish.)

Is he a lost cause?


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  • Well before I could be of any help I need to know a little more to it.

    What exactly did she say to you or tell you?


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