Should I contact my ex or let her make the move?

My girlfriend broke up with me out of nowhere. She's been very stressed lately for going to college and feels it would be easier on her cause she wouldn't have to worry about me and me worrying about her. She says she still loves me even after the breakup. How do I get her back? I feel like no contact is somewhat bullshit or does it actually work? Should I contact her? It's been about a week since she last called me.


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  • ... It's been a week since She last called me...
    It's your turn now here, dear, Not that I am standing on any ceremonies, but if you want to start showing some Initiation by "How do I get her back," let her know you are still there for her and that you Too... Still love her.
    Stress and strain will Indeed put a monkey wrench into Any relationship. And perhaps with you both taking some time and some space, things might be resolved down the love line.
    If you each have these feelings of "Love," then keep working on her heart strings without Putting More 'Stress' in her life. Go slow with your Sflow and just lightly and sweetly be this Someone special who she has always known and that you don't plan on going away any too soon as long as you know there could Still... Be hope.
    I am quite sure she will be Missing the Kissing and in time, a Compromise on her end or even with you both together can be made.
    For now, take turns keeping in touch. Or if she misses a beat, you Fill in so she knows where your heart is.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Just make clear to her that you haven't given up.

    Let her decide after that what do.


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  • The only communication I would send out is ONE message that tells her that you love her and you understand what's she's going through and if she needs you let her know. That's it. I know it's hard to just stop talking to someone you care so much about but it's gotta happen.


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