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I am so done with this shit hole called life. Up until two years ago I could never even get a girl to look at me then I met an amazing girl who I feel in love with and married last December. After three months she decides marriage isn't worth it and leaves me to go bang and smoke weed with her ex boyfriend. I try to be a good guy and treat everyone well and live a good life but so far all I get in return is getting screwed over. I am so ready to give the hell up on this shit. I see no reason to put on a face and keep going through my life. My lot of to be alone and I would rather end it now then deal with that bullshit.


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  • It's a game of statistics my man. Maybe 1 in 30 people are compatible with an individual. So on top of having to find someone with a compatible personality (goals in life, commitment level, type of person they like etc), you also need chemistry, and the right timing (neither of you dating, both in the same city etc.)... It sounds like you've had some really bad luck in terms of girls, but the more you meet, the likelier you are to find someone suited to you. If you're really looking to settle down, online dating is a VERY good option.

    You're young, and there are sooo many nice people out there you haven't had the chance to meet yet. If this experience has made you feel this hopeless, may I suggest staying away from relationships for a while. Suicide means cutting off all ties, and leaving behind the devastated people who care about you. If you feel comfortable doing that, then may I suggest taking a break from your current lifestyle environment first. Date around, have fun, travel, meet strangers, join the armed forces, go to school, see the world - there so many options in front if you. Exercise the freedom you have now, because death is something you can't change your mind about once it's done.


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  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TFwcRQ-DCwU these are a few people who committed suicide its sad. I know life sucks trust me, I know. But you should ask yourself why? What is a good reason to do it? I know these people regretted doing so because its in are nature to fight for survival.


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