Why is my ex boyfriend mad at me? Stupid?

My ex boyfriend and i have been broken up for 9 months now. He texted me back in may we talked for a while and that was it. I go on about my life. A few weeks later I block his number because my bday was coiming up and I didn't wanna deal with him. Plus I doubt he was gonna text me.

So now I go to talk to him and he just gives me the cold shoulder. Being rude and ignoring me. So I go look at my phone bill and he did tetxed me while I blocked his number BUT we are broken up I dont owe him anything. I feel it is SO stiupid being mad at me cause I ignored his text message. Anything could have happened.


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  • You blocked him, then wanted to talk to him.

    And you can't see why he's upset?

    I guess I've figured out why you two broke up...



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  • No, You certainly do Not... Owe him anything.
    However, with an "EX" who many times still Marks his X in his own heart, he has motive in mind with all the time when He... Did Text me.
    You may have slightly kept the ball rolling when 'He texted me back in may we talked for awhile' and then when you went and Blocked him from your life like that, he became irritated.
    He may still want to be friends with or without benefits and may have even thought he had a shot. However, with your 'Bday coming up,' he realized to His Surprise that the joke was on him and You... Didn't wanna deal with him.
    Now he is having a hissy fit with putting you on his pay no mind list. He may have even though that being it was around Your Special day, he and you would have gotten together and now he is behaving in this Rude and crude way.
    He may still feel sort of Territorial, being you were once these two birds of a feather. But being you are Not Stuck together, he knows he has to get used to the fact that the relationship went south and Now... I go on about my life.
    Good luck and Happy birthday. xx


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  • Yes, it's stupid for him to be mad. Nine months is a long time to be broken up. It's over and you don't owe him anything, but why did you talk to him after all this time, and why do you care that he ignores you? It's over, just don't deal with him, but don't demand he be happy about it.

  • What was the break up about?


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  • Either you talk to him or you don't. Just because you are not in a relationship doesn't mean you can just play with people. You are wrong.


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