What was the one time when you got super angry by something that your bf/gf did that you left him/her and went away or left the house?

mine was when i warned him from talking to his ex twice after i found out he is meeting her from my behind, a week later i asked him to show me their msgs & convos but he couldnt show me anything so i cried and took a taxi a left

afterwards i tried to stay with him but i couldnt trust him at all , so it didn't work
Do you think i had the right to do that?


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  • errr sorry but it was kinda wrong wot u did... he was just talkin probably... but still there might be a small chance he was cheatin on u...

    anyway... he didn't show u anything... either coz u demanded to show him, and he disagreed wid yer way... or he considers phone sth personal and he doesn't want to show his messages to others (honestly i agree wid this)

    but also there might be some possibility he was actually flirtin wid her, and he didn't tell u... but this isn't 100% sure

    • this ex dumped him before we met , he knows that i would have gotten really hurt if he talked to her , and that i have no idea that he has contact with her as he has always said, so he not only talked to her , he met her the first day he arrived from vacation, that day i called him twice he didn't answer and didn't call me back except after 6 hours, later i found out he was with her , i forgave him, i asked him to show me the conversation but he refused and said it was over so i forgot , later i found out he has met her again not only the one time i found about, that day he said he is with his dad and can't meet me although i said i am free and we can hang out , he said he was with his father, later i found out that he was not with his dad but he was with her , so i asked him to show me the conversations and msgs , he just stood there not able to show me even his call log :S, so i had no choice but to cry and leave

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    • I mean all that he did was only in "one month", and all that was just right after i decided to give him a chance, so i had no time, i had to forgive the previous hurt and the new hurt in one month. He went and talked to her again :S :S , she didn't even answer him, my friend told me that she was leaving his message unread on her whatsapp :S , but that means that he has never stopped and was all the time lying to me , and when he erased her number that day he was lying :'(, it hurts me so much , i have been on medication since then , and talking pain killers and vomiting all the time , so now sir do you understand the whole situation? do you understand why that day i had nothing to do but to leave and walk away crying? , what do you think? do you think i should feel guilty? please tell me :(

    • i don't understand y u still care about him even if he's treatin u like shit from all wot u've said and this didn't happen only once but multiple times. he even lead u being on medication. wouldn't it be better to move on anyway and let him be wid whoever he wants? he doesn't like u but he just considers u a "fool" who'll always be there for him even if he treated u like shit 100 times. so if i was u i'd just tell him to fuck off and do wotever he wants

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