My girlfriend left me to sleep around for 2 years, and then she wanted me back , and cheated on me again, should I feel guilty?

when we met, we fell in love, had the best time together, and promised never to hurt each other then she broke up with me to sleep around, she was cold to me for two years, and even dated someone else, she would call me and then disappeare, she went to every disco and had fun, for two years i didn't see her, she never gave me a chance to see her , then wanted me back, i said i was so scared that she will hurt me again, she said that she won't and that she has always loved me just felt young and wanted to live her life. i agree to meet her, the first day i saw her i was still so hurt and angry, i told her i changed and i can't get back, she turned too sad so i calmed down and said i love you, i am just too scared, give me time to think, the next day i asked her out and she said she was shocked that i didn't take her back, so i asked her out again she said she was not available, that day i texted her that i love her and that i am only too scared she would leave me again, and that i want us to take it slowly, she didn't reply the text, and the next day she texted me if i am out of the city i said yes, later i a friend saw her with her ex that day, i was so hurt, when i confornted her she she kept begging me and crying so i agreed to meet her, that day i found she also met him the first day before meeting me, i got so so hurt, still she kept calling me and sending msgs, so i answered after 3 days and agreed to meet her , that day i asked her to show me their conversations and msgs or her call log because she said he is the one who is talking to her and she has already told him about us, i asked her to show me she couldnt , she just stood there shocked and couldnt give me her mobile, i wanted to walk away she kept pulling me, i started crying "you are the only person who hurt me like that", she said i dont love him , pls stay, i couldnt, i was too angry, i shouted "either u show me the msgs or u will never see my face again", she didn't, so i pushed her and wa
i felt guilty that i walked away when she looked this sad, she kept calling me, i agreed to meet her although i felt so heavy in my heart, i couldn't stop asking her why, why, i was hurt, she said she will make me text him what i want from her mobile but when we met she just took her mobile and only erased his number, i walked home sadly, couldn't meet her again for a week, the last day after she travels, i met her and gave her a gift bcoz i was little tough wiz her, should i feel guilty?


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  • This relationship sounds like a mangled mess.
    You two seem to really lack fundamental respect, tact, and consideration for each other. It sounds like you both have not protected your bond and neither of you have adequately guarded the love you built. At this point, I think you guys need to go your separate ways. The relationship is pretty much going to consist of fixing idiotic, slutty messes all the while spending your days being stressed, frustrated, regretful, angry, and feeling bitter. Time to walk away.

    • what did i do? she left me for 2 years , i begged her not to leave me , and when i agreed to give her a chance to regain my trust , i found out she met her ex twice behind my back , and after she promised me that it is over between them she still couldnt show me their msgs or convos?, so i had no choice but to leave , i then again met her twice as you see, even gave her a gift on the last day before she travels although everything she did to me

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    • I would have been done with that dramatic, silly mess right when he left for TWO YEARS. In two years, I am making my dreams come true, traveling, and falling in love with life. By year one, life would have outshined him and his dramatic, inconsistent nonsense and he would have smothered a future with me.

    • I don’t do do-overs especially not after being left for two years so a guy could screw around.

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  • Chicks like these are not worth your time. Obviously, she doesn't respect you or your feelings. You need to let her ass go for good!

    • thank you man , would you walk away and take a taxi if she couldn't show you msgs or convos between her and her ex? specially that you know she has met him behind your back already?

    • I would do whatever I had to do to get the hell away from her!!!

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  • Fuck no, walk away dude... Too much drama, and you let her walk all over you, she has no respect for you...
    You know you can find better, and without all the drama attached too

    • would you walk away from her and take a taxi and leave if u knew she is meeting and talking to her ex from behind your back? would you do the same thing if she couldnt show you their msgs or conversation or even her call log? what would you do i f you were in that situation?

    • I wouldn't even respond to her reaching out.
      You know you have to move on dude, show some self respect and find someone better. There are women out there who value you higher.
      Everyone's had one of these women at some stage, it's how we all have learnt


    Don't be stupid. You know you deserve better.

  • I didn't read the text but to answer your title FUCK NO DUDE.


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