I broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated.

we only dated a little over 2 weeks. then come to find out he had a girlfriend for 4 days during the time we were dating also.

the second I heard I just broke up with him.

then his girlfriend and I talked about it, and she said she was gonna break up with him also. well, she never did.

she doesn't want him talking to me, but he does anyway.

he also tells me that he still "loves" me, cares about me way too much, and doesn't want to lose me.

if you really do love and care about someone, would you really go out of your way to cheat on them?

also, I need advice on what to do about him, he texts me all the time still, tells me he loves me, cares about me, doesn't want to lose me, etc.

also, every time I ask him a question about what happened and why he does what we does, he never says anything. then he'll text me later on and pretend like nothing ever happened.

someone please tell me what to do? I'm so confused and all I hear is how much of a bad guy he is, and that I should tell him I'm done for good, which is obviously what everyone is going to say.

oh. and I heard that he's talking to some other girl now. who knows if he's after her or what.

but he most likely is.


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  • wow this is almost like the problem I'm having! my boyfriend cheated on me too, and his girlfriend knew about me. she apologized tho, and she seems like a really nice person other than that.

    just like ur ex, he won't tell me what happened either; the best I get from him is that he didn't cheat, even tho his friends can all verify that he DID. he didn't tell anyone the whole story. its bothering me so much because I'm a super fair person at heart, and I really want to figure out what's going on, but he won't tell me anything.

    i guess the best thing is to get over him, and that's what I'm gonna do. the thing is, people can hurt you so badly, especially if you put ur trust in them and they let you down. you just hafta show them, and the rest of the world, that you can recover. if you can't trust him to be fair or consistent with one person/how he treats you, he's might not be someone worth knowing. and since I don't kno the whole story, sry if I offended you in any way :)


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