Why does my ex girlfriend come back?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up two and a half years ago. I broke up with her and realized I made a mistake six months after and I tried to get her back and she ignored me. I started dating another girl shortly after. My ex girlfriend came back a year later and texts and calls me sporadically but when she came back she had a boyfriend. She talks about her boyfriend and when I tried to see her a couple of times wouldn't see me because she has a boyfriend even though I have a girlfriend. Sometimes she will call late at night and my girlfriend will get back but when I call her back in the morning she won't respond. Why is she doing this and what's her point of contacting me?


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  • She wants you back.

    • If she wants me back then why talk about her boyfriend all the time, ditch me when I try to hangout with her, and text me first and then not answer?

    • Agree with @mulberry..
      As for your response, girls act/think emotionally and not logically like men, If her actions made sense to you and me, somethings wrong haha

    • Yeah, her actions are all attention seeking. All I can do is try to put myself in her shoes, if I acted like that towards my ex why would I do that? I'd like him still, I'd want him back. Her actions make sense because she doesn't want to have it be obvious and look pathetic, she ditches you because she wants you to try harder to see her, she doesn't answer your text because again "treat em mean, keep em keen", she talks about her boyfriend all the time because she wants to make you jealous and likely watched your facial expression sometimes when she does it.

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