Is this a genuine reason for my ex to start speaking to me again?

Me and my ex girlfriend split up in November 2013 and all through summer 2014 she was leadinig me on and then completely fucked me over; obviously I'm angry about it. She completely messed my life up for the last 12 months but thankfully I'm back on track now. I'm over her, well I thought I was over her.. Today she messaged my bestfriend saying 'tell Amy to unblock me please', I messaged her asking what she wanted; when I found out I thought 'fucking seriously?' I wasn't going to unblock her but the reason for me was good enough to unblock her. She wanted to show me her sisters puppies (her dog gave birth). I am a huge animal lover but to me it isn't a genuine reason to message someone.
I said 'you wanted me to unblock you to show me puppies?'
her 'Yeah, I know you love my sisters dog'
Am I just over thinking the whole situation or does anyone else think there's another reason? I'm not convinced she only wanted me to unblock her for that -_-
  • She actually wanted to show me the puppies
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  • That's a stupid reason to get someone to unblock you
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  • There's definitely another reason to why she messaged me
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  • It's just a Reason of this Season to get back into Your Good Graces and make your life once Again... A living hell, my friend.
    Don't fall for the puppy dog act. She is tugging at your heart strings by using puppy dogs faces as she tries to pull herself out of the dog house here, dear.
    You are 'Back on track now,' you have become stronger. Don't allow yourself to be this Enabler for some Spoiler who will Only put a monkey wrench into things.
    Tell her "Oh, real nice," but you have 'Seen'... All of this before and... More.
    Good luck. xx

    • You're completely right, I've told her I definitely never want her back; so she is aware. I also mentioned that I've seen a lot of puppies in my life time so why show me these?
      Thank you :)

    • Oh, so welcome, and with a girl like this, no matter her wagging tail or tongue... Every dog has its day and good to know this pup has seen her last one with you.:)) xxoo

  • It's not a genuine reason. It was an excuse to see if you're still angry with her.

    • I thought it was just me being over paranoid, thanks. I am going to be mature enough to speak to her but the minute she starts fucking with my head she's going.

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