Why does an ex girlfriend do this?

My ex girlfriend, who I am still in love with, texts me from time to time, but won't answer my calls. She will just respond back in a text. She does initiate text from time to time as do I. She recently texted me for a couple weeks in a row and then I got a little drunk and sent her a message of, you love who you love along with a bunch of other gibberish that a hooked on phonics person could not even understand. It was just a bunch of nonsense of words that absoultely made no sense. The next day she blocks me on FB, but she then texted me a few days later. Now here we are a week later, she unblocks me on FB and when I go and look she has a profile pic of her from my sisters wedding 3 hair colors ago. So all of her friends know where the pic is from, because she posted about 25 pics of her and I from the wedding. It was the last time her and I were together and it was a magical night. It is a pic she looks good in and I am sure that is the reason for the pic, but is there more to the pic? She has a boyfriend of 4 months, we broke up last November. She recently texted me she was going back to college, locally, and also she hurt her back at work and was off for a couple weeks. So I sent her a friendly bouquet of flowers today saying, I was thinking about you and I hope your back is feeling better. She loves getting flowers. I know until she breaks up with him, I don't have a chance, but I want her back in my life to rekindle us again. How do I go about doing that? I don't think she is in love with this guy. Also, she still hasn't told me she is dating anyone, but she has put pics of him and her as her FB profile pic. I haven't asked either. But she won't see me either. I feel like she wants me in her life, but is afraid. Or is just a game and she likes the attention. Let me know what you think? She is 34 years old. Not a bad a break up.
Addt'l... She has blocked me and unblocked me several times over the last several months and we didn't even speak. Does she still have feelings for me?


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  • Confront her. Thats your only option. She may not no what she wants but she will continue to do this, preventing you from getting over her, so your only options are confront her, or cut her out of your life. Other wise your just stuck pining after her.

    • You are absolutely correct on confronting her, but what and how do I say it to her without coming off as needy or something. I can confront her but not be too blunt. Does that make sense?

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    • I confronted her... she wouldn't take my calls or see me so I texted her. I basically laid everything out and asked her if she still had any feelings for me, because I did still and she said to me we are only friends and she got mad at me for even suggesting that she has made any comments to me to think otherwise. Then she deleted me on FB again. This makes 5 times in the last couple months she has blocked me on FB. Any thoughts? I have a gut feeling she does have feelings for me, but won't admit it.

    • She may very well have feelings for you but she has made her decision, now its time for you to move on. I would recommend cutting all ties and move forward. She can play this game forever because quite honestly it doesn't really effect her, but it does effect you, it prevents you from trying to find a healthy relationship with someone else. She has that you don't and so there is no real problem for her leading you on, but as stated there is going to be problems for you, so you should probably remove her number and anything else of hers from your life.

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  • Hard to know. Ask her if it's going well with this guy. If she sees a future with him. If she answers yes to both, she likely just wanted the attention.

    • I want to ask that! Won't that push her away if I am straight forward like that? Ill sound needy?

    • Not if she feels the same. Do you really want her in your life, if she doesn't love you anymore and wants to be with someone else? If your answer is no, there is nothing really to lose, but a lot to gain. If your answer is yes, you have to respect her choice and stop reading into everything she does.
      I've never done the block unblock thing. That sounds horribly immature. Maybe start with asking what's up with that.

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  • well first of all wedding pic means nothing in my opinion... she just uploaded coz she looked wonderful as u said in my opinion. reason she blocked u was she didn't realise u were drunk when u sent all this "nosense" probably. not dat she was ahtin u...

    anyway how do u assume she's not in love wid this guy since they have their pic on fb... unless he forced her puttin such a pic

    • She knew I was drunk. I feel like she is playing a game with me. It is like she wants the attention but she is going about it all wrong. Both of us had communication issues with each other.
      I go back and forth on my assumption she is not in love with him, because of the pics that I have seen. It is almost like she is trying to recreate our entire relationship with him. I could be wrong.

    • noticed yer update... maybe she's unsure and unstable

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