Is it a good idea to send a letter to 'ex'?

okay so we were never really togteher but were exclusively dating for 3 years. It was long distance though. I wanted it to be official but he doesn't want it as LDR which is why he ended things between us last February. He said he doesn't want me to wait for me, and wants me to entertain other guys instead.

I asked him if I have a chnace in the future when he comes home for good (in 3 years) and he said no. Because he said if he will say yes, I would stop entertaining other guys who are "falling in line for me". Of course it hurts why he is pushing me away but I'm okay now

it just bothers me because we used to be very close before and now we're almost strangers. Well, I worte him a long handwritten letter saying what I feel, why I was hurt, how I'm okay being friends now and that I'll always be here for him and if he finds another girl, then I'll be happy for him. I also asked him if we could return being good friends again, if he wants and with no expectations this time. I honestly don't mind anymore if we don't end up together, I just want to be a friend to him.

Do you think it's a good idea to give him this letter? If you will receive a letter from your ex who you broke up with, would you read the letter? Would you be mad/annoyed?


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  • No, I wouldn't do it...


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  • I am not so sure the letter to "Dear John" will do your heart any good, should He... Comes home for good (in 3 years).
    Of course a lot can happen then when you have probably finally moved on and by then Perhaps... Have found your Prince Charming More Charming and Closer to home.
    Go ahead and find your Closure here, dear. I can tell you worked hard in your heart with words you feel he Needs to know and that You Needed even More for him to Know. I believe you Need to also send this long awaited letter as a message in a bottle that will only be bottled up inside of you if you don't send it.
    Stamps are.49 cents now, unless you send an email that is free but more Touching if he can Touch his heart with This.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i wouldn't pay it any mind. kind of looks a little desperate. but if it will make you feel better to get your thoughts on paper send it. or at least write it. if you dont send it you still might feel better that you at least let it out.

  • I'd read the letter from my ex and not be annoyed or mad - but I wouldn't feel anything positive for my ex either. I'd probably think they were being a little desperate and over the top, and I'd be fine with being friends but nothing more.


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