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So I found hard proof my brother's girl is cheating on him. (I was playing a game on her kid's ds and wanted to see what the internet looked like on it and there it was just sitting there). I don't believe in screwing around with other people's affairs (literally) but why should a cheater deserve to masquerade under false pretenses to someone as close as my brother? This happened a month but it's still eating at me. What do I do?
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  • I recommend that you say something. Your brother will be very upset, that's a given. But it's better for him to know than for you to let her take advantage of him. (This is coming from someone who's been cheated on, it's always best to know.)

    • Thank you for the advice. I've been cheated on too, but ignorance is truly bliss sometimes. The only thing that makes it nearly impossible is they have a baby ^^^(different kiddo)

    • Ignorance is bliss, sure, but I still think it's best to know. You might be happy to not know, but the relationship obviously isn't working and it's best to know that and then you can move on and find someone better. And kids do make this a lot more difficult, you're right. Just try and remind your brother that they have children and he needs this to be an amicable separation.

    • I agree with the once a cheater always a cheater sentiment. But the second compounding issue is; if this juicy revelation eventually ends their relationship it would undoubtedly send him into a chaotic psychotic whirlwind. He is crazy!!! But you're right I will tell him because he's too blinded by love/lust for any of that crazy whirlpool stuff.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It's kind of disturbing how she used the child's DS...

    • It's so bad. She's too young to figure out how to turn on the wifi but still

What Guys Said 1

  • I always say mind your own business, but this is family !!
    Definitely involve yourself


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