Why when I dream of my ex my heart beats so fast that it makes me wake up?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 months ago and i can't get him out of my head, all i do is think about him.
When i'm watching a movie or anime there he is in my mind. I'm sure that he doesn't think of me at all because he didn't really love me as much as i did or lets say he didn't love me at all. Anyways so today i had a dream in where i was running and running ontill her poped up and when we saw each other i tried to run past him but he pulled my arm and huged me, then we just strarted to play around but i just kept running, then one of the people that where there said i have to go and i stood up and said yeah me too, and i just ran as fast as i could then there was this girl there who has confessed he feeling towards him and she kissed him at that moment my heart started beating so fast ontill i woke up.
I need advise on how to move on...


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  • Time will help you find the answer to your question. You still have feelings for him and that is fine. I believe he does think of you too, it always happens. But life goes on and you better move on, sweetie.


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  • you still love him and can't forget him, you should try to forget him somehow or win him back


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  • Maybe is because you still love him and you can't stand to him with other people.


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