Why can't we break up?

My boyfriend of over a year and i have had many many problems. We are two very different people, but love each other a lot. We've had many almost breakups, but one of us two would always suggest staying together. My boyfriend has had doubts about the relationship, but our good moments/the positive has overshadowed the bad/the fights for him. Still, we both have doubts. I think we both know that we are very different from each other, but why can't we break up and actually go through with it?


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  • Because the good moments the two of you had together overshadowed the bad ones, and therefore feel like you should keep fighting for this relationship to continue.

    • Do you think we should break up for real though? Are we being stupid?

    • That all depends on how much you two really value your good times together. How much do you value him or the good times you had with him?

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  • It seemes that your good memories are too good.. What i think is that you should ask him some space so you can think clearly...


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  • You two value each other a lot, stay together. And try and put an effort into fixing the things that create the stress.


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