So my friend is really into me, but I'm not attracted to them at all, how do I tell her I'm not interested?

I mean I know I'm probably gonna be called shallow or whatever, cuz honestly, we might be compatible in just about everything besides attraction...
But that doesn't change the fact it's not there for me. What can I do?


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  • No. That's not shallow. You aren't attracted, so why are you going to attempt something?

    If she brings something up, just gently tell her she's not your type so it wouldn't work. Also, tell her you value her friendship so nothing can happen between you.


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  • Now you know how women feel except most women don't complain about the friend zone. Now you realize that just because women are nice to men it does not obligate her to date him.

    • lmao why the fuck do you think for a moment that I don't understand how women feel? I have always defended women in this position. I have always realized that and when I've been rejected by a friend I've continued to treat them as only that, a friend.
      lol maybe next time help answer the question instead of making assumptions about me, thanks.

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