My ex has had me blocked from everything for a month, im moving countries soon, he doesn't know?

we had a argument and it got nasty and he said he won't talk to me anymore and blocked me and he's had me blocked for a month.. Im moving countries and I will probably never see him again which I find sad but I have no way to get in contact with him no phone he's blocked me and I don't know any of his friends, plus I don't want to look like a creep seeing as he's my ex, I don't know I just find it sad im going away and he doesn't know, he probably doesn't care, do you think he will care?
Just wanting opinions if I should try to get in touch or just leave it.
We were together two years and at the time we loved each other a lot but now we have hate towards eachother


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  • Yes he will care... because there was one time what you guys were together right? So maybe few days before go meet him in person and tell him... I guess you got his address or something? Like a work place etc etc?
    or a club or a bar he often goes?
    Yeah at the end you said two years so I think it is the best thing to tell and go rather than just disappear... right?
    Or even maybe you can login from a friends account and send him a message :)
    Hope everything goes well for you.
    Good luck 👍

    • Nope I don't have his address anymore plus I feel like he wouldn't care or even be glad lol :/ but I don't know only what I think, I guess if he doesn't unblock me then I can't tell him

    • can't you at least remember a workplace or where he lives? like some area where you can ask from the public and ask the location?
      Believe me even if he doesn't care you leaving him or wouldn't be glad still you must say and go... at least a text message, but in this case since your blocked the only option is to tell in person... 😕
      If I was him, I would be so upset...
      I don't know, your call...

Most Helpful Girl

  • At this point whatever happens is his fault! He blocked you because he obviously is telling you he wants nothing to do with you (his choice). You have to take care of you.. If he cares of your whereabouts he will go through great measures of contacting you (perhaps unblocking you) to find out how you are doing. The ball is in his court! You don't need to go out your way anymore


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  • If you really hurt him, than his behavior is logical.

  • Your ex has blocked you, which means not only does he not know, but he also doesn't care.

    Just leave it.


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  • Well if you knew him for 2 years you probably have his address. Do it the old fashioned way and send him a letter: paper, hand written, a stamp and all.

    • Nope he moved I don't know it lol xx

    • Well, if he really wanted to end all contacts with you, then you don't really have any choice but to go without saying goodbye. It'll hurt, and you'll be really sad (and no doubt he'll miss you too if he found out) but you can't drive yourself crazy looking for a way to contact him. He probably still cares about you, but he pushed you away. You have to move on, and keep your head high.

  • He's your ex, you're done. Time to move on. Moving to a new country might just be what you need right now. Stop thinking about him.

  • He blocked you. Take the hint. When someone does that it means leave him alone. You will look like a stalker trying to contact a man who blocked you and you will hurt yourself further


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