How to end a friendship with my ex?

We were together for 3 years and 4 months ago he dumped me. We were in a long distance relationship and he said he doesn't want to do it anymore. But he insisted on staying friends. After the breakup I was a mess, all the usual "missing" and "wanting him back" stuff. I couldn't be just friends so I backed off and on for few months, not really knowing what I want. And then it just happened: my feelings for him disappeared. And the more they were disappearing the more he was contacting me. We are now playing an online multiplayer game together, every day, and I am feeling annoyed. I'm alright with talking to him from to time, but talking every day like nothing happened, like we are still together (he still calls me baby and is flirting with me) just doesn't feel good. For 4 months all I wanted was to go back together, slowly, to renew his feelings and start from scratch, and now that it is happening I don't want it anymore. He is good to me but it just annoying and I don't know why? And I don't even want to talk about it with him, I feel like it's pointless. I was so in love with him and now I'm not just because he dumped me? He didn't change, nothing really happened, we didn't fight. But is it possible that the sole breakup has made me like this? I feel quilty. I wish he never broke up. I have a feeling like he is silently tryingt to get back into my life and that he realized he made a mistake, and no matter how I try to love him again, it doesn't work. I am still kind of stuck in the idea of our relationship and old habbits and I feel like I owe him a second chance. It just that now that feelings are not involved I can see clearly some stuff that I don't like about him. Not even as friend. And I was aware of all of his flaws in relationship but I didn't mind back then because I was in love and that was all that it mattered. Now when I'm not in love all those flaws are annoying me. He has no idea he thinks everything is great between. How to end it easy?


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  • What a sad story but I would be straight up with him and tell him what you are thinking and feeling. He is keeping you dangling because he believes he can. Just tell him that the friendship thing is not for you anymore but you wish him all the best and that he has a great life. Don't play games with him or communicate with him too much and just let it fade out slowly but surely. You will need to stick to your guns and just become a distant memory in his life. You are over-thinking it way too much because I don't think it's that difficult to pull back from someone, especially when they are at a distance.


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