Imagine I cheated on her!

What kinds of reactions could I expect when I tell her?


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  • it all depends on how long you guys been together and if she's the sensitive type or the angry type

    • She's definitivly the angry tipe. For about 1 year

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    • I'm always talking with her about it. (never told what I sometimes feel about the other girl) but we have this ""game"" that I start fighting with her telling her something really stupid like "tomorow I'll be with Maria" and then she throws me that evil look and starts saying "i hate you" but we always finish saying "i love you" that's the kind of thing that we do. She got used to the fact that I like to play with her to see what she says. She needs to, otherwise we would have broken up long ago

    • But not about what you would talk about with the piano girl right?

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  • depends on the girl.

    here are a few options

    1. she cries

    2. she doesn't react at all

    3. she beats you up for it

    if it were me, I'd be p*ssed and ask the guy to get a blood test in case he gave me aids or something asap and then I'd probably beat him up after that lol. and then get a new boyfriend.

    • Oh... I think you're right. But if I cheatted there wouldn't be sex involved. I only had sex with my girlfriend in my life. That's not the case. Does this sound strange?

  • Cheating just means you are not happy in your marriage.

    Don't tell her you cheat on her, that makes her feel like something is wrong with her.

    She'd be deeply hurt.

    • Jesus! read my account details! I'm 17. just messed up wile making the account

    • Ok lol (123454321)

    • I was just going with the question.

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