I hate my ex. Want to hear why?

When we were breaking up, I told him to come get his things on the porch because I placed them outside. We'd had a blow up because I'd gotten upset that he (once again) "lost track of time" and blew me off. I told him I wanted space from him because he was stressing me out, his response? Nothing.

The next day was my housewarming party, and he didn't bother to say anything or come by. Yet when I asked him the next morning if we are broken up or is he trying to work things out, he said "breakup or not i still want to be friends and be there for you when you need it. let's go to this party i invited you to." and i was like, no, if you wanted all of that, you should've just came last night and told him it's over, come get his things.

then after talking, he said he needed space to think and he would give me an answer in person. 5 days later... I had to call him and be like SO WHATS GOING ON... and he said he "missed me" but he hadn't changed his mind. mind you, this was the day that we were supposed to go to a concert that I bought expensive tickets for with my family. but he couldn't even tell me sooner because he was "scared". i was livid and told him, that after two weeks of saying that he "loves" me, he doesn't want to try anymore.

i felt so sorry for him, but i wanted to be absolved for him so i said no hard feelings, he says you deserved better than that breakup and i wasn't confident about it, i didn't think you wanted to hear from meflash forward to now, i find his expensive items in my house that i missed, i try to coordinate a day and time with his best friend so he can retrieve his stuff. of course the friend is a flake and can't be reached. then one night of heavy drinking (trying to get over him) i texted him, and of course he rejected me
in the morning, i apologized, explained what happened and that i wasn't thinking of him at all. he says it's fine, and i lied about what i was doing anyway so you can leave the convo (even though he was the one who left it, technically) and that i could still come help if need be. and to not worry about his expensive stuff, whatever on that. i keep doing so much for this dude and he's already treated me like crap. we had one big blow up, even though we were happy and he RUNS like a baby
i hate him. i hate what i do for him. i hate that i try so hard to be decent to him and he that he can't (a) appreciate me (b) own up to it and (c) grow tf up


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  • He seems like the type of guy that avoids confrontation. What he did was wrong. And the way he is acting is wrong. It seems like you done a lot for him and that he took you for granted.

    • Yes! And I love him a lot. I really think we broke up for no reason, probably because he didn't want to have confrontation with me. I have lingering feelings to try to get back together with him, but he's so stubborn and thinks this will happen again. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to contact him and convince him. I know I can even though he is stubborn. But at the same time I wish he would just see what he's throwing away. I've been a decent girlfriend to him and after like 2 weeks of confrontation, he walks.

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    • Well, I did tell him that if he is ever interested in seeing me, then he's more than welcome to reach out. I do miss him and I haven't seen him in weeks. I know I'm weak but I don't know I did it.

    • It's ok we all get weak especially during break ups. They are very emotional times. I am glad that you told him he can reach out to you anytime. It gives him the option to come back if he wants to. It does suck how things ended. But who knows maybe you might find somebody else and even better. It's going to take time to heal from all of this. Wow it has been a couple of weeks so far? Well your doing good hanging in their.

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  • I feel you my ex was awful too. I met him on a trip and he lived like 5 hours away and we skyped and talked every day and he talked about raising a family with me and how i was the only one for him. We finally got it worked out and at the end of June I was supposed to go stay with him for a few days. A week before I was supposed to go he dumped me saying he didn't want to make things more difficult. For the next week he still talked to me everyday, led me on and then would shoot me down. We were talking in french once and he said "you are loved" and i said "i love you" and he just said thanks. He knew I had been rejected before and that guys just disappear from my life but then one day he stopped talking to me all together. Later I saw he already had a new girl. He started dating her the week I was supposed to be with him. He did everything he promised not to do and I was so heartbroken. Men are pigs. I hate my ex too


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  • so he still has his xpensive items there and refuses to get 'em? probably this means, he still believes there's a chance he'll get back to u and that's y he left it there. otherwise he'll go get 'em since they r xpensive as u say

    but for now his stuff's in yer house so they r typically yet own... so u can do wotever u want wid 'em if he doesn't wanna get em back.


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