I miss my old ex more than my recent ex?

I broke up with my boyfriend not that long ago, and at first he was all I thought about. But recently, past couple of days, I can't stop thinking about my old ex. Not in an obsessive way, just that I really him and remembering how I truly loved him more than anything. I dont love him anymore but it was so real. It was the realest thing I have ever felt.

Has this happened to anyone? I realize I still love him, although I would never talk to him again because what he did, but my heart wants the best for him. He got a girlfriend and I saw a picture of him smiling with her and it just really warmed my heart to see that he's doing good a year later.


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  • I think your old ex left a deeper impression on you if you still miss him and think about him. My advice would be before dating again try to move on from those memories of both exs because it will be harder for you to move forward if you can't let go of the past.


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  • I miss my old ex more than 2 recent ex's lol


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  • sounds normal. u said it by yerself this gu was yer biggest love... recent X wasn't a big one was he?

    so yeah u still remember those great memories


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