Guys, my recent ex is confusing me. Together 4 years?

My ex broke up with me two days ago with the line 'I love you but I'm not in love with you'. Afterwards he hugged me in his bed and told me how nice it was and how he likes the new confident me better than the old shy me and I agreed the same with him. He told me I was his princess and I asked why he said that if we're not together and he aid because all his feelings are the same as always. He told me he needed me and wanted me but couldn't? He said I was the only person he could confide in and who he wanted to open up to. He told me that he'll never love anyone like he loves me and that even when he falls in love again he'll stillove me. But he doesn't want to be with me? I recently had a miscarriage with his baby and it prompted him to want to try again. So we did, even the night before he said all this. Why would he want a baby if that's how he felt about me? His feelings didn't just change in 12 hours till the next time I saw him? He told me that he would get jealous if I got with someone new. Yesterday I seen him again to talk things out as he asked and he got nastier. He told me all the same things above but this time I doesn't care if he loses me and doesn't care about who I get with and was openly browsing on another girls Facebook pictures. He wants to be with me in the far future he says... Everything he's said to me tells me that he doesn't want to lose me? But he won't see me? He said all the nasty things whilst in a bad mood and he didn't look like himself when he said them... I don't want to move on incase it's. Or what he wants. I'd do anything for him as always but was I just being played? Is he just hiding his emotions? Help?
Please anyone?


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  • I think he was playing games because the way how he switched his attitude. On top of that you could be having his baby. I think he did it as a way to cop out. Also him saying being with you in the future sounds like he wants to date other girls to get it out of his system and to try and use you as a last resort I could be wrong but that is ylthe way how im reading the situation.

  • He's controlling! You need to recognize that immediately! Remember this simple fact, if someone wants to be with you and loves you them they will everything in their power to let you know it.

    Don't fall for his lines or reasoning. He does not have your best interest at heart


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