Have I been left hanging by the guy I confessed to? why couldn't he have rejected me directly?

The guy i confessed to, used to like me for a while before he started to disappear. He didn't bother to let me know what went wrong or what he felt anymore. When I finally told him how I felt and asked him if he had any interest in me, he told me he needed time to think. It has been over a month and I haven't heard from him since. when we meet, he avoids me and I avoid him too, it's very awkward. I no longer have any feelings for him and I just don't care. He could have rejected me straight up and I would have had some sort of closure.


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  • He is obviously unreliable, and some people can find it difficult to be honest about their feelings, even if it it to say they don't feel the same way as you do. They lack the courage and strength to be honest.

    . Being rejected can hurt, but it isn't really the rejection that hurts it's the expectation and not knowing where you stand which hurts. You now know he doesn't feel about you the same way you do about him, but at least he didn't lie by making fake promises to you. That would be so much more hurtful.

    He has lost someone who cares about him, you have lost someone who doesn't care. just remember every rejection re-directs you to something better. His rejection doesn't mean you are not good enough , it just means he failed to notice what you had to offer. Move on and find someone who does notice. xx

    • haha yes. That's true. Thank you so much. i'm glad he didn't make any fake promises, so yeah I'll totally move on. :)

    • You are most welcome! 💚😊 xx

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