I keep wanting him back and then thinking I'm better off with out him.

we dated for 6 months. I was his first kiss. we were in love. then we didn't hangout outside or our group for a month. I was afraid he was going to dump me so I asked him. he dumped me. I was so depressed for like a month. its been 2 months since then. I keep wanting him back and then thinking I'm better off with out him. we are still friends. it was uncomfortable at 1st but now we talk way more. I no he is still attracted to me (I can tell when he checks me out). he has not shown any interest in any other girls. I definitely like him better as a boyfriend than a friend. I can tell he looks at me funny when I mention other guys looking good. he was not a jealous guy when we dated (AT ALL). he thinks he is irresistible but my friends say he's ugly (I think he's hot but looks don't matter much 2 me). I want to pull him aside and find out if he is still interested in getting back together. if he says no he will think I want to. I don't know if I want to or not. I really do but I don't want to get hurt again. what should I say?


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  • Express your feelings... guys don't like it more than having honesty. We get confused easily, and also jealous if you start talking about other guys... I mean, it's really up to you wether you'll get back out with him or not... it's how you feel...

    If he is a good guy, go back out with him. Those are rare...

    If he just uses you... don't go out with him... or do so but regret it later...


    Good luck

    • But its his decision. its up to him. and if I tell him that he will think I want him back which is fine unless he doesn't want me back remember he dumped me which makes getting back together more his choice than mine

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    • I think I am comfortable enough to ask him and yea I agree I dwell too much on the little things but do I flat out ask him "lovers or friends?" or should I lead up to it?

    • Let's say you both go to the theatre together and watch a film... as your going out talk about it an all.. maybe go for coffee or something... socialise.. and at the climax of it try to just stop and ask something like : "I've been thinking... where do you think we are getting to? him: What you mean? you: Do you think we'll ever get back together or are we just staying friends?.... " and so on...

      Don't being melodramatic about it.... just be natural...

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