What are some signs that my boyfriend is cheating on me?

OK how can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me he's away at college right now and we made plans for when he gets back this Friday, but he's been acting a bit weird lately I don't know maybe I'm just being paranoid. I have had a lot of trust issues since my parents divorce. could that just be my problem?


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  • "I have had a lot of trust issues since my parents divorce. could that just be my problem?"

    My recommendation - stop overanalyzing

    Things to look for:

    Nothing - be proactive




    Get out there, interact with your boyfriend, and squish out the belief that he is cheating (Go to his college, and have a relationship with him, when he is on the weekends or away from studies)

    - By persisting in your assumptions, the relationship isn't healthy - which means you should either break it off, or form more of a bond.

    Right now- you are only wanting more affection from him (aka attention); so go out there and fight for it, rather than assuming the worst; He's at school - what could he possibly do if he was truly in love with you, and focused on getting somewhere in his life (career)?

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  • A few ways to know he's cheating:

    1. Always seems out-of-sorts when it comes time to hang with you. Kinda like you're an inconvenience to him.

    2. He's always checkin the phone (like every 15-30 mins)

    3. You both talk every day and all of a sudden you talk once in a week.

    4. He pushes "ignore" on his phone when you call. Does this multiple times in a week. Or he's ALWAYS on the other line when you'r calling. i.e. busy signal.

    These are justa few things but if you want me to be honest, long distance relationships when you're in college are the most absolute difficult. The guys are in an environment where they are destined to cheat because most if not all the college students have no inhibitions and wanna be wild and free while in college. It's like going to Miami Beach for 6 months and the guy actually has a good chance of scoring.

    Now...not sayin he can't hold out, but alcohol, bars and a plethera of hott women is going to make him restless. Don't mean to make you uneasy...Im just telling you what you already know


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  • i know sometimes us girls want to blame are thoughts of our boyfriends cheating on us on our trust issues but if you say he is acting weird then I mean you could be right. A guy is off to college, 100% percent freedom, parties, and girls. I mean it could happen...and if its long distance relationship sometimes those are the toughest relationships to be in. sometimes when a guy is cheating they will seem distant from you and may not say the things like he used to. And when you get close to him he acts weird also if he has always called you and has "out of the most part "picked up his phone but lately it seems like he's not or even if his phone is off could also be a sign but these are not just some signs of cheating it also could be you guys are growning apart. maybe he feels like he is growing apart from you. when you see just ask him do you feel like we are growing apart. you have been acting strange I feel like you could be cheating on me, and if he is a turthful guy he should just be up front with you. Good luck

    • Agreed to the stereotypical jerk; however, for someone that is interested in integrity that has maturity (aka the people that WANT to go to college and get somewhere in life); usually don't aim towards cheating. We could easily pick up a phone (especially when it's long distance) and say 2 words:

      "Good - Bye"

    • Good answer!

    • And sometimes its all about the dynamics of ones relationship with that person, picking up the phone versus actually being able to see them is totally different. you don't have to be a "Stereotypical jerk" to cheat so I dissagree.

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