What do you think of this past relationship?


So my girlfriend and I broke up (Stopped talking) about a month ago because I didn't like how:
*She would let other guys "flirt" with her and not do anything about it.
*She wasn't committed to our relationship.
*She didn't show any true love besides "I love you's".
*We were actually in a "text message relationship" (She didn't like the places I chose for our dates like she was avoiding people certain people seeing us together or she was busy or sick).
* And after 3 years of relationship she still wanted to keep our relationship (me) a secret like she either was ashamed, sacred of people's reaction, didn't really love me or was just hiding something. It made me sad because she's my was my first love and she said "you're the best thing to ever happen to me" "I loved you, I love you and I will always love you" also we texted everyday but treated me like I was just an acquaintance, barely a friend in front of everybody.

I know actions speak louder than words but she really seemed to love me but know I'm really confused as to what was real and left with unanswered question like did she really love me? Why did she keep our relationship (me) a secret? Why get into a relationship if she wasn't going to be committed nor take care of it especially since she came towards me? I miss her because she was also my bestfriend, shoulder, and confidante. But know i'm on my own and in a real need of a shoulder to cry on with what i'm going through :(

A little light please?


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  • i am so sorry why did she treat u like that. Thats so messed up. nobody derserves to be treated like that. Does she know what a relationship is. I dont get it women these days love to show off there men. Who cares what they look like its what we love about them u know. we wouldn't date them for no reason. There probably was a reason she probably didn't know how a relationship worked and she probably didn't notice what u were actually thinking. Or she was scared and in love. Love is hard for us women. Its the hardest thing in the world. The guy i love i can barely look him. I see my whole world with him. It feels right but it scares me at the same time. The guy im in love with I show him no interest and i dont flirt with him cuz im scared to give him my all. some of us women are scared to give our all. maybe she was in a relationship before you and that made her look at men differently. Shw was scared the of the real deal with u.


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  • The flirting you are over reacting about and you aren't clear as to how she wasn't committed to your relationship. Seems like she did but maybe had some baggage

  • My ex did to me the same thing and yeah I feel you its very confusing and it hurts. mine went so far that he wanted us to become friends with benefits. but uk sometimes we Have to let go of the people we love. my ex also "loved" me and we only hanged out at his house when we were alone. I always felt as if he didn't care and was embarrassed about my body and all bc i thought I was the problem. at the end he was the problem bc now i met this amazing new guy and Im 100% sure ur gonna find someone that will make u forget about what she did to u. Im sorry for what u going through but it will be okay soon. :)


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  • first thing is talk to her... say what all things you have in mind about your relation... there is much probability that her answer are lie... say that you d't want any lies...
    think on it for a day or two
    take a decision which is the last..
    if your sad take a effort to concentrate on your work
    u vl get through


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