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My ex and I had been seeing each other for a few months, just hanging out... not kissing or sex. We ended up kissing one day and both agreed how great things had been. We met up once thereafter and it was just a normal fun event. However she became distant with me for a week and I called her out on it. She said it would be best if we were to stay as friends. I rejected being friends and haven't spoken to her for 3 weeks for the sheer way we went about it.

I kinda want to see her again... and feel this "Cold war" has gone on for too long. Anyone have suggestions on what to message her?


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  • I think you should just tell her how you feel. She obviously is scared to get back in a relationship with you. She probably wants to stay friends cuz of the positive energy thats happening between u guys. there's something making her aviod you. Why did you guys breakup in the first place. thats probably why she's scared. she doesn't want any negative things to happen. love is a scary thing. she probably cares for u too much and doesn't want to ruin the friend ship and wants to keep you her life for probably a future relationship. she probably wants to take things slow in my opinion.

    • We broke up as she thought I was being "open" enough with her. However I've addressed those issues now. I felt more comfortable being open and talking freely about anything and everything

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    • I dont know ur username

    • Oops forgot this was anonymous. DouglasFirr.

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  • If she really wanted to be with you, she would be with you. She probably has feelings for you but there not that strong enough bc she wants you in the friend zone. And she could have kissed you bc she was lonley or just wanted to kiss.. My advice play hard to get, and don't keep in contact with her unless your ok with being friends, girks like the chase.

  • Facebook, email, text...
    However you have to, to reach out

  • Be direct tell her exactly whats on ur mind


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