If you were broken up with your ex and he slept with your friend could you give a second chance?

i know we were broken up an all,and I know 100 % he's truly sorry for what he did does he deserve a second chance?

if someone could give me some advice?


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  • "does he deserve a second chance?"

    - Answer = NO

    I don't care how sorry that person did, they made a (pre)conscious decision to sleep with my friend. Some part of their brain must have said "What if I want to go back to (you)?" He made the decision, he should live with the consequences.

    I'm a hypocrit, because I did take back the person I cared about (4 year relationship, she slept with my best friend) - which completely demolished me but I really did care, letting her walk on me completely. Don't submit yourself to being walked on - even if you care, do the right thing for both of you and move on.

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  • Nope. I personally am not attracted to men who go for revenge when they are hurt. I like a more level headed guy. So no, I would not give this guy a second chance if he were my ex.

  • No. Personally, I got upset when I got back together with my ex and found out he had made out with numerous girls when we had only been broken up for two weeks. But he told me he wasn't sorry, that he didn't regret it because he was single and that's what he does when he's single. I was going to look past it but he didn't give me a reason to want to. We broke up again that night. That wasn't the reason. But it made it a little easier for me knowing how I didn't matter enough to him. Sleeping with someone else is a huge deal to me. Especially since he slept with your friend, it doesn't matter how sorry he is, he still did it. Find someone better who respects you even when you aren't together, that shows the true kind of person they are.

  • If by advice you mean tell you what to do, then no. You have a few pieces of good advice here. We recommend that you do not take him back. He is your ex and it is likely best to leave it that way. The anonymous user who posted below me had some good points for you to consider. If you want to try to reconcile your friendship, talk with your friend. Chances are, if you go back with your ex, she will feel just as used as you likely felt when you found out he slept with her. Personally, I wouldn't sacrifice my friendship to be with an ex. In the end the decision is yours to make and yours only and you will be the only one who lives with the consequences. We don't have to, so take any person's advice with a grain of salt.

    It always seems easier to go back to an ex because you have history, but trust me on this one: there are other people out there you can be with who will respect you and not seek what has appeared to be a bout of revenge on you.

    Good luck - do what you think is right.

  • Out of all the women that are out there why your friend? It's too close to home if you ask me. Because even if you were to take him back you might question; was it a revenge fu*k? was he always attracted to your friend vise versa, will your friend want him now? There are too many questions about this situation that could make it a problem down the road.

    The real question you should be asking yourself is, if you could ever forgive both of them?

    Just remember, if there is a question, there is a problem.


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