Do I need to break it off with my boyfrend?

he cheated on me with my best friend but I'm sent off so yea he tells me he loves me and he shows it too also he tells his friends but he doesn't tell his family only besides his sisters

okay si I'm talking to my ex boyfriend I was his first and all but I mean I want to love him more than the guy I'm with now bu ti can't he really sweet its just that I only like him when I'm around him :( I don't know how I feel I love my boyfriend tho


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  • Umm Ya. He cheated on you.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • He cheated on you sweets - needless to say, save yourself some headaches and move on.

    Plus - you're with someone right now, if your unhappy in this relationship - break it off with him too.

    Take a break from dating - there's no obligation to have a boyfriend in this world.

    Best regards,


  • "I'm sent off" ? what does that mean? You were away when he cheated on you?

    There are two options, pretty obvious but you need to reflect on the case. Was he truly sorry and urges/suggestion (by friend) led to cheating, or was it planned and an action he thought he could get away with? Basically, if there is serious repentance and you can see that he will not stray then its ok to keep him. Most likely (and because your so young) I would get rid of him and look for someone new. If while you're split he shows he both loves AND RESPECTS you with full regret for his actions, then you can consider getting him back. For now, move on.

    • Well okay he said he was juss horney and needed someone to "bang" honestly I care about him so much that I don't want to move on well like I said I'm sent off I can't really do much of anything. IM graduating high school in feb so I don't know you have no idea I care about him so much like its crazy never in my life have I ever felt like this its more than a simple heartbreak its like a fantacy waiting to be a nightmare

  • Drama drama drama. He cheated on you with your best friend. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    • True....i fell like everyone is telling me this because its true I juss hate it because it is

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  • I think a part of him does love you, but he's still not sure if he fully does.. He's still confused and because of that he might be making stupid mistakes because he still doesn't know what he has right in front of him, But if you have been together for a long time lets say a year and he's still up too this foolishness your just his comfort zone and he's not inlove.

    Well, Hope I Could Help <3.

    -Its really up to you too make it work or break it OFF.


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