Terrible weekend and emotional roller coaster seeing ex. I guess it's completely over now?

So sad. I saw my ex this weekend at an event we both had to go to. It was the first time we had seen each other or even contacted each other since we broke up a month ago ( he broke up with me). When we saw each other we didn't even speak, but then that night he texted me that he missed me and still loves me and he couldn't take his eyes off of me. Then the next day we saw each other again and he flirted with a bimbo the entire time and hardly looked at me. We didn't speak again. So I texted him that night and said it's sad that we can't even talk anymore when we used to all day long for 8 months. I said I miss our friendship. He responded "I miss you". Then I saw him today again and we still didn't talk but my friends were talking really bad about him and he heard them (they are mad because he broke my heart and really hurt me). So I guess we'll never be friends or anything now? I think he probably hates me now. What do you think? Just breaks my heart. I have to see him next weekend too and I'm kinda scared


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  • There is guy out there for you and trust me you may meet lot more before you meet the one who really does sweep you off your feet.


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  • Sounds like his trying to patch things up with you and you aren't giving him any form of indication that the feeling is mutual or not. If you feel like getting back with him do it, otherwise tell him, no. It's not what your friends want, it's what you want.

    • But if he really loved me or missed me wouldn't he at least try? He's the one who broke my heart. I'm not going to stroke his ego at my expense if he's full of it.

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  • Ya just ain't ment to be.
    if he "couldn't take his eyes off ya" and all that jazz... he would/should have at least said hi

    Give it time and space... things will get easier


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  • i don wanna b rude but he kinda sounds either a total fuckboy or he just doesn't know what to do

    • Lol been trying to figure that out myself!! He did say he didn't know how to talk to me. He's either a fuckboy or an idiot-maybe both. Either way I wish I had no feelings about him. :/

    • girl i totally get that i have the same problem. some guys are just so irresistable

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