Is he still into it?

I broke up with my on again off again boyfriend because he started contCting me less frequently, and was liking ex girlfriends post on Facebook and Instagram. He moved out of the state for work just for the summer which also made our relationship more complicated. We said we would date when he came back and had left it at that. Well long story short I ran into one of his friends and he told me that my ex was "over it" so I then picked the phone up and asked him if it was true. He said I broke up with him so yeah it's over. Yet he is still liking All my photos. So I blocked him and now he is liking my photos on another account he had I forgot to block. IS he really over it?
Im not and want to give it another shot. It's just hard to tell. Please be nice. I need all the advice I can get


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  • He told you it was over. What more do you want?

  • yeah he is.


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