Why hasn't he responded yet?

A guy kept me waiting for 2 years after our first break up, its long distance and he visits every 4 months. Let's say im insanely in love with him. However, even after all this time he was busy getting himself side chicks and he would be fine with talking to me about his fooling around with them - we were just too comfortable with each other; you know the best friend vibes?
And Then I just realised that he still wasn't ready to commit. The last time I met him, we had a great time together like always but he wouldn't stop suggesting this other guy for me to marry? I was so hurt. Also he won't keep his hands off me saying he's been with a girl from every country of the world but still couldn't find skin like mine and that's what keeps bringing him back. Though we didn't do anything.
Later that night when I got home, I left him a message on whatsapp saying I'm leaving because I've waited for too long and that I hope the hoes keep him happy. I told him never to contact me and that I was blocking him.
3rd day to this, he never bothered to call or text to find out what's wrong and neither did he block me back?


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  • It sounds like he doesn't give a rat's behind Enough about You here, dear to even Fight for You even as A... Best friend. Fair weather is more like it.
    He is a Player, from where I am sitting. He doesn't want any ties to Any girl in Any country nor county. You need to Forget him.
    He is a loser who you should have gotten your own 'Vibes' about with 'Our first break up,' and being it is LDR, makes it even worse and a Red Flag Raised not at full mass, but UP there where you need to See it and heed to it.
    He may return with more lame duck excuses and being this wise ol' owl that I am, I would Not Respond nor Reply to this Guy... You made a point, a good point and have Pointed out With "Never to contact me" because it Is... Over and done with, and dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx

  • He must be comfortable doing this to a lot of women. Fuck him. On to the next👍


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